In Rok, which Commander has the title Beloved Thoth?

Answer: Thutmose III

Some extra relevant information:

The commander in Rise of Kingdoms with the title “Beloved Thoth” is Ramesses II. Ramesses II is a legendary commander in the game known for his powerful leadership skills and strategic capabilities. As the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ramesses II embodies the essence of ancient Egyptian culture and warfare.

Ramesses II’s skills and expertise make him a formidable leader both on and off the battlefield. His active skill, “Protection of Amon-Ra,” increases the attack of nearby friendly troops and grants them increased defense for a limited time. This skill proves invaluable when engaging in battles or defending against enemy attacks.

Furthermore, Ramesses II’s powerful expertise skill, “The King of Kings,” greatly enhances the effectiveness of his active skill. It increases the attack and defense bonuses provided by “Protection of Amon-Ra,” making him a vital asset in any army composition.

Additionally, as a legendary commander, Ramesses II has access to multiple talent trees, allowing players to customize his abilities based on their preferred playstyle. Some popular talent builds for him include the tank build, leadership build, and mixed troop build.

Whether you are focused on conquering enemy cities, defending your territories, or participating in epic battles, Ramesses II, with his title “Beloved Thoth,” is an excellent choice for any commander lineup. His leadership skills, versatility, and devastating active and expertise skills make him a force to be reckoned with in Rise of Kingdoms.

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