In Ark of Osiris where are you supposed to take the Ark?

Answer: You need to escort the Ark to a non-enemy building

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms, the Ark of Osiris is a highly coveted item that plays a significant role in battles for domination. In the Ark of Osiris event, alliances compete against each other to control and secure the Ark for their own benefit.

Once your alliance successfully captures the Ark of Osiris, the next crucial step is to take it to the designated target location. This designated target location is known as the “Sanctuary,” which is a specific area located within each alliance’s respective territory.

To find the Sanctuary, you need to navigate your troops, carrying the Ark, to the sacred area marked with a distinctive Shrine icon on the map. The location of the Sanctuary may vary depending on the current state of your alliance’s territory, as the boundaries can shift during the event.

Once you reach the Sanctuary, your alliance must securely place the Ark within it to accumulate points for your team. The longer your alliance holds the Ark within the Sanctuary, the more points you will earn, ultimately contributing to your alliance’s overall success in the event.

It’s crucial to note that the Ark of Osiris is a highly contested item, and rival alliances will attempt to seize control of it from your alliance. Therefore, it’s essential to form a formidable defense around the Sanctuary to ward off any enemy attacks and maintain control of the Ark as long as possible.

By successfully capturing and holding the Ark of Osiris in the Sanctuary, your alliance can gain a significant advantage, earn valuable rewards, and demonstrate your dominance over other alliances in the epic battles of Rise of Kingdoms.

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