In Ark of Osiris, how many teleports does the first alliance to ocupy an obelisk earn?

Answer: The first alliance to occupy an obelisk in Ark of Osiris earns 3 teleports.

Some extra relevant information:

In the thrilling world of Rise of Kingdoms, the Ark of Osiris is a highly competitive and strategic game mode that pits alliances against each other in an epic battle for dominance. One of the key objectives in this mode is to occupy obelisks located across the map. Now, if you’re wondering how many teleports the first alliance to occupy an obelisk earns, let’s dive into the details.

When an alliance successfully captures and occupies an obelisk for the first time in the Ark of Osiris, they are rewarded with a total of three teleports. These teleports can be used to relocate their alliance’s structures, such as the alliance center or flags, to a new location on the map.

These teleports provide a significant advantage as they allow the winning alliance to strategically position their structures, reinforcing their control over certain areas or enabling them to launch coordinated attacks on their opponents. It grants them the opportunity to swiftly adapt their strategies and gain a competitive edge in the ongoing battle.

It’s important to note that these teleports are specific to the Ark of Osiris game mode and cannot be used for other purposes. Additionally, the three teleports are given on a per-alliance basis, meaning that each alliance that captures an obelisk for the first time will receive the same number of teleports.

In summary, the first alliance to capture an obelisk in the Ark of Osiris is rewarded with three teleports. These teleports can be strategically used to reposition their alliance structures, providing them with a significant advantage in the ongoing battle for dominance. So, gather your alliance, coordinate your movements, and aim to be the first to occupy an obelisk in this exciting game mode!

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