If you start a new alliance, what does your governor lose?

Answer: Gems and Time

Some extra relevant information:

Starting a new alliance in the mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms can be an exciting endeavor. However, before taking the plunge, it’s essential to understand what your governor stands to lose in the process.

When a governor starts a new alliance, they will lose several important benefits and resources. The most significant loss is the separation from their current alliance. This means they will no longer have access to the alliance’s support and protection, including reinforcement troops, alliance technology perks, and coordinated alliance events.

Additionally, the governor will lose any alliance gifts they might have accumulated. Alliance gifts are valuable rewards that can be earned by completing alliance activities, participating in rallies, or contributing to alliance buildings. These gifts often contain valuable resources, speed-ups, and other useful items for progress in the game.

Another significant loss when starting a new alliance is the abandonment of any alliance structures and advancements. Alliances can invest time and resources into developing their infrastructure, such as alliance fortresses, flags, and sanctums. All these structures will vanish with the creation of a new alliance. Alongside this, any alliance technologies that the governor helped unlock or upgrade will also reset to zero.

Moreover, the governor will lose their current alliance’s diplomatic relationships and alliances on the game’s map. This means that any existing alliances or war coalitions with other players will be severed with the creation of a new alliance.

Furthermore, the governor may experience a hit to their reputation and credibility within the game’s community. In Rise of Kingdoms, alliances play a vital role in building networks, forging alliances, and gaining respect from fellow players. Starting a new alliance can sometimes be viewed as a betrayal by former alliance members, leading to strained relationships or even hostility.

It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before starting a new alliance in Rise of Kingdoms. While it can offer a fresh start and the opportunity to shape a new community, it also comes with significant losses and potential consequences. Considering the impact on resources, relationships, and progress is crucial to making an informed decision.

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