If you enter ark of Osiris with troops in your hospital, what happens to those troops? Do they die or are they just not usable ?

Answer: Healing speed up

Some extra relevant information:

When participating in the Ark of Osiris event in Rise of Kingdoms, it is important to understand what happens to your troops if they are in the hospital. The Ark of Osiris is a competitive battle where alliances battle against each other to capture and control the Ark, which grants various bonuses to the controlling alliance.

If you enter the Ark of Osiris with troops in your hospital, those troops will not die. However, they will become temporarily unavailable for use during the event. This means that you will not be able to use these troops to attack or defend while the event is ongoing.

It is crucial to plan your actions and make sure your troops are fully healed before entering the Ark of Osiris to avoid any unnecessary risk. Additionally, keeping your hospital capacity upgraded will allow you to handle larger casualties and minimize the number of troops that may end up in the hospital during battles.

Remember, the goal of the Ark of Osiris is strategic gameplay and securing the Ark for your alliance. Ensuring that your troops are ready and available for combat will greatly contribute to your success in this event. Plan wisely and communicate effectively with your alliance members to maximize your chances of victory.

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