If you change your name, will the people who you chat/mail before will know?

Answer: Yes!! They will see ur new name on ur old chats

Some extra relevant information:

Changing your name in any game, including Rise of Kingdoms, is a common feature that allows players to adopt a new persona or identity. However, it’s important to note that when you change your name, the people you have previously chatted or mailed with will not be automatically notified of the update.

When you alter your in-game name, it primarily affects how you are displayed to other players. Your new name will be visible to any player who encounters you after the change. However, your previous conversations, whether through chat or mail, will still retain the old name, as they are not retroactively updated.

It’s worth mentioning that changing your name does not erase or reset your existing interactions with others. All conversation history, trade agreements, alliances, or any other form of communication will remain intact, albeit reflecting your previous name.

If you wish to inform your friends or acquaintances about your new name, it is best to personally reach out to them and let them know about the change. This can be done through in-game chat or other external communication platforms if you have established such connections.

Overall, changing your name in Rise of Kingdoms can bring a fresh start or a new identity, but it does not automatically update previous conversations or notify other players about the alteration.

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