If I’m Level 15 city hall can I teleport to a new kingdom?

Answer: No you must be City Hall 16

Some extra relevant information:

Yes, as a Level 15 city hall player, you can teleport to a new kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms. Teleporting to a new kingdom can be a strategic move to find better alliances, stronger opponents, or a fresh start. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind before making the decision to teleport.

Firstly, ensure that your city hall is at Level 15, as this is the minimum requirement for kingdom teleportation. If your city hall is not yet at Level 15, you will have to focus on upgrading it before being able to teleport.

Secondly, check if your current kingdom has an active Lost Kingdom or KvK (Kingdom versus Kingdom) event taking place. During these events, teleportation may be restricted, or you may lose your progress in the event upon teleporting. It is best to wait for these events to end before initiating a teleport.

To teleport, tap on your city hall, and then select the “Kingdom” tab. From here, you can choose a new kingdom to teleport to. It is important to note that the new kingdom you choose should not be under protection or have any teleportation restrictions.

After selecting a new kingdom, you will be given the option to teleport to a specific location within the kingdom. Choose a location wisely, considering factors such as resource availability, alliance presence, and proximity to important structures. Once your destination is selected, confirm the teleportation, and you will be relocated to the new kingdom.

Remember that teleporting to a new kingdom is a one-time move, and you will not be able to return to your previous kingdom. Additionally, any buildings, progress, or troops left behind in the old kingdom will be lost. Therefore, it is crucial to plan ahead and make an informed decision before initiating the teleportation process.

In conclusion, as a Level 15 city hall player, you have the ability to teleport to a new kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms. Just make sure that your city hall is at Level 15, there are no ongoing events restricting teleportation, and you carefully consider your destination before initiating the teleport. Good luck in your new kingdom adventure!

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