If I move my fort to an empty kingdom, will resources automatically spawn around it?

Answer: I think probably you’ll have to start collecting resources that are already available, then more will spawn in it’s place once you have finished the collection point.

Some extra relevant information:

Moving your fort to an empty kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms can offer several advantages. However, it is important to note that resources will not automatically spawn around your fort as a result of the relocation.

When you move your fort to an empty kingdom, you will find a barren landscape devoid of any resource nodes or wildlife. The absence of pre-existing resources may be disappointing for some players, but this presents an opportunity to strategically develop and maximize the available resources in the new kingdom.

To gather resources in the empty kingdom, you will need to adopt a proactive approach. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure a steady supply of resources:

1. Scout the Kingdom: Before moving your fort, make sure to scout the kingdom to identify potential resource-rich locations. Look for high-level resource nodes on the map, such as forests, farms, quarries, and mines. These locations will serve as your primary source of resources.

2. Capture Resource Nodes: Once you have identified potential resource locations, you can send your troops to capture these resource nodes. By occupying these nodes, you will gain control over the specific resource they produce. Send gathering commanders with the relevant gathering skills to maximize the efficiency of resource collection.

3. Upgrade Resource Buildings: After capturing resource nodes, you can construct and upgrade resource buildings adjacent to them. Upgrading these buildings will increase their resource production capacity, allowing you to gather more efficiently.

4. Join an Alliance: Joining an active alliance in the empty kingdom can provide further opportunities for resource gathering. Coordinating with alliance members allows you to secure resource-rich locations, benefit from alliance technology and buffs, and participate in group resource gathering events.

5. Participate in Kingdom Events: Take advantage of special kingdom events that offer resource rewards. These events may include alliance resource gathering, strategic reserve battles, or kingdom-wide resource competitions. By participating actively, you can earn additional resources for your kingdom.

Remember, establishing a successful resource network in an empty kingdom takes time and effort. It requires careful planning, coordination with alliance members, and active participation in events. However, with a strategic approach, you can turn an empty kingdom into a thriving resource hub that supports your growth and development in Rise of Kingdoms.

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