I want to teleport near my alliance but I can’t teleport there, it write please occupy all the passes along the way or use teleport … how to solve this problem?

Answer: Remove yourself from the alliance and try again, or join the alliance the occupies the pass that you want to cross.

Some extra relevant information:

If you’ve encountered the message “Please occupy all the passes along the way or use teleport” while trying to teleport near your alliance in the Rise of Kingdoms game, don’t worry! This issue can be resolved quite easily.

When you receive this message, it means that there are passes in between your current location and your desired teleport destination that are occupied by other alliances. In order to teleport, you need to clear the occupied passes or use a teleport item.

Here are two methods you can use to solve this problem:

1. Clearing the Occupied Passes:
– Coordinate with your alliance members and launch coordinated attacks on the passes that are currently occupied by other alliances.
– Make sure to plan your attacks strategically and communicate effectively with your alliance to achieve success in occupying those passes.
– Once you have cleared all the passes along the way, you will be able to teleport near your alliance.

2. Using Teleport Items:
– If clearing the occupied passes seems challenging or time-consuming, you can use teleport items to bypass the occupied areas.
– Look for “Advanced Teleport” or similar items in the game store or as rewards from events.
– Acquire the teleport items and use them to teleport directly to your desired location without having to occupy the passes.

Remember, successfully teleporting near your alliance requires coordination, communication, and sometimes a little patience. It is essential to work together with your alliance members to strategize and achieve your goals effectively.

By following these methods, you should be able to overcome the issue of not being able to teleport near your alliance in Rise of Kingdoms. Good luck, and have fun conquering your enemies and building a strong alliance!

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