I recently transported to a new kingdom to be part of an alliance that my friends are in. Ever since I arrived there I have not been able to fight barbarians because I am only able to fight level 16 max and the lowest level I can search in the area is 25. What can I do to be able to start fighting barbarians again?

Answer: have you tried using a lot of commanders and armies at the same time to defeat these barbarians? Otherwise you’ll have to just tag along with a stronger player and help defeat barbarians that they are already fighting. You’ll both get the rewards though so it’s all good.

Some extra relevant information:

If you have recently transported to a new kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms and find yourself unable to fight lower-level barbarians, there are a few steps you can take to get back into the action.

1. Level up your city: One possible reason why you are not able to find lower-level barbarians is that your city might be considered too strong for the current area. Focus on leveling up your city by upgrading buildings, training troops, and researching technologies. This will increase your power level and allow you to access higher-level barbarians.

2. Join a higher-level alliance: If your alliance consists of players who are much stronger than you, it might affect the level of barbarians you can search for. Try joining a different alliance with members closer to your strength level. This will enable you to search for barbarians at a lower level.

3. Develop your commander: Another factor that determines the level of barbarians you can fight is the strength of your commander. Ensure that you are actively leveling up and upgrading your primary commander by participating in events, using experience books, and equipping them with better gear. A stronger commander will allow you to take on higher-level barbarians.

4. Move to a different area: If all else fails, consider relocating your city to a different area in the kingdom. Search for an area where the barbarians’ level matches your capability. This will allow you to engage in battles and gain resources from barbarian camps more easily.

5. Patience is key: Sometimes, the area you are in might simply have a scarcity of lower-level barbarians. In such cases, it might take some time for the kingdom to refresh the spawn points for barbarian camps. Be patient and regularly check the map for new camps to appear.

Remember, the key is to work on improving your power level, commander strength, and finding the right environment to fight suitable-level barbarians. With time and effort, you will be back to battling barbarians and reaping the rewards in no time.

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