I need a list of resouse need to update all castle level?

Answer: https://riseofkingdoms.online/castle-upgrade-requirements/

Some extra relevant information:

To upgrade your castle in Rise of Kingdoms, you will need a variety of resources. Each castle level requires a different amount of resources, and as you progress to higher levels, the requirements increase. Here is a general list of resources needed to upgrade your castle to different levels:

1. Castle Level 1:
– 200 Food
– 200 Wood
– 200 Stone
– 200 Gold

2. Castle Level 2:
– 500 Food
– 500 Wood
– 500 Stone
– 500 Gold

3. Castle Level 3:
– 1,000 Food
– 1,000 Wood
– 1,000 Stone
– 1,000 Gold

4. Castle Level 4:
– 2,000 Food
– 2,000 Wood
– 2,000 Stone
– 2,000 Gold

5. Castle Level 5:
– 5,000 Food
– 5,000 Wood
– 5,000 Stone
– 5,000 Gold

As you can see, the amount of resources required increases significantly as you upgrade your castle. It is important to carefully manage and gather resources to ensure a smooth progression in the game.

To obtain these resources, you can:
– Collect them from resource nodes on the map
– Gather resources from farms, lumber mills, quarries, and gold mines
– Complete quests and events that offer resource rewards
– Trade with other players in the alliance or through the market
– Use resource production boosters to increase resource gathering speed
– Participate in alliance activities to receive resource rewards

It’s worth mentioning that these amounts may vary depending on different factors such as your civilization, research, and building upgrades. It is always a good idea to plan and strategize your resource management to efficiently progress through the game and strengthen your empire.

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