I migrate to kingdom is relatively young, some commander not able to use, like guan yu, so how I get it back commander?

Answer: That commander will be available to use after the Kingdom has met the minimum day requirement for that commander to be available to use. You’ve not lost him – Just can’t use him for now.

Some extra relevant information:

If you have recently migrated to a relatively young kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms and find that some commanders, such as Guan Yu, are not available for use, don’t worry! There are a few methods you can try to acquire these commanders and add them to your arsenal.

1. Wait for the commander to be released: In newer kingdoms, some commanders might not be initially available. Developers frequently introduce new commanders gradually to maintain game balance. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements for updates on when these commanders will be released or added to the recruitment pool.

2. Participate in events: Rise of Kingdoms often organizes events that allow players to earn exclusive rewards, including highly sought-after commanders. Make sure to regularly check the event tab and participate actively to maximize your chances of obtaining commanders like Guan Yu.

3. Utilize expedition commanders: While you might not have a specific commander like Guan Yu available, you can use other expedition commanders to progress in the game. These commanders have unique skills and can be quite useful until you acquire the commanders you desire.

4. Kingdom migrations: If you are in a relatively new kingdom, it might be worth considering migrating to an older and more established kingdom where commanders like Guan Yu are already available. However, please note that this process can be costly and should be thoroughly planned.

5. Utilize the VIP shop: The VIP shop offers various items, including legendary sculptures that can be used to unlock and upgrade commanders. By spending VIP points, which can be obtained by purchasing in-game packages or through in-game activities, you can acquire these sculptures and work towards obtaining the commander you desire.

Remember, patience is key in Rise of Kingdoms. While it might take some time to acquire certain commanders, with persistence and strategic gameplay, you will eventually be able to recruit and utilize popular commanders like Guan Yu. Keep playing, exploring different avenues, and taking advantage of in-game events to enhance your chances of obtaining these commanders.

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