How to Migrate to a different kingdom?

Answer: You’ll need at least one passport page, and meet a few other requirements, but basically check out the Migration page in our guide for full details.

Some extra relevant information:

If you’re playing the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms and looking to take your gameplay to the next level, you may have considered migrating to a different kingdom. Whether you want to join friends or find a more active and competitive community, migrating can offer exciting opportunities. Here’s a guide on how to migrate to a different kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Unlock the Migration Ability: Before you can migrate, you need to unlock the migration ability. This feature becomes available once your City Hall reaches level 10. So make sure to focus on developing your city and upgrading your City Hall to that level.

2. Choose the Destination: Research and find the kingdom you want to migrate to. Consider factors such as kingdom age, power distribution, alliances, and community activity. Look for a kingdom that aligns with your preferences and goals for a great gaming experience.

3. Meet the Requirements: Each kingdom has its own set of requirements for incoming migrants. These can include power restrictions, kingdom age restrictions, and visa requirements. Ensure that you meet these requirements before starting the migration process.

4. Purchase a Passport: To migrate, you’ll need to acquire a passport. Passports can be obtained through in-game events or purchased using gems. Cost and availability may vary, so plan accordingly and be prepared to spend some in-game currency or participate in special events.

5. Initiate the Migration: Once you have a passport, head to your kingdom’s Lost Kingdom map and click on the migration area. Tap the “Migrate” button and choose the destination kingdom you wish to move to. Keep in mind that once the migration is complete, you can’t reverse the process, so make sure you’ve made the right decision.

6. Prepare for the Move: Before migrating, it’s recommended to tie up loose ends in your current kingdom. Inform your alliance members and friends about your decision to migrate and make necessary arrangements. Coordinate with your new alliance in the destination kingdom and familiarize yourself with their plans and strategies.

7. Get Settled: Once you arrive in your new kingdom, take some time to adjust and establish yourself. Engage with the community, introduce yourself, and find new allies. Explore the kingdom and its features, participate in events, and contribute to the kingdom’s growth.

Remember, migrating to a different kingdom can be an exciting adventure, but it’s crucial to research and plan your move carefully. Choose wisely, meet the requirements, and be prepared to make new friends and face new challenges. Happy gaming!

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