How to I find an Alliance to join?

Answer: If you are a beginner, then you probably want to find a beginner alliance, not one with tons of points, because you probably won’t get accepted. You could start off by looking at the alliance codes of players close to you and then looking them up in the Alliance Search box and applying to any that are open.

Some extra relevant information:

Finding an alliance to join is an important step in your Rise of Kingdoms journey. Joining an alliance not only provides you with a supportive community but also unlocks a plethora of benefits and opportunities for growth in the game. If you’re unsure about how to find the right alliance for you, here are some tips to help you in your search.

1. Global and Kingdom Chat: Utilize the in-game chat function to communicate with players from all over the world. The Global chat allows you to connect with players outside your kingdom, while the Kingdom chat connects you with players within your kingdom. Let them know you’re looking for an alliance, and they might invite you to join theirs.

2. Kingdom Map: Use the kingdom map to locate active alliances. Look for clusters of alliance flags, indicating areas where players have joined forces. This suggests active and vibrant gameplay. Reach out to these alliances and inquire about joining them.

3. Alliance Description: Pay attention to alliance descriptions. Many alliances include their requirements, goals, and preferred playing style in their descriptions. Look for an alliance that aligns with your gameplay preferences – whether it’s focused on PvE, PvP, alliance wars, or farming.

4. Power Rankings: Check the power rankings to identify the top alliances in your kingdom. While it might be difficult to join the highest-ranked alliance right away, you can look for those a few positions below. These alliances often have experienced players and offer better chances for growth.

5. Reddit and Social Media: Explore online communities like Reddit and official Rise of Kingdoms social media groups to find players discussing alliances. Frequently, alliances post recruitment messages or players share their experiences about different alliances. Engage in these conversations to seek recommendations or find alliances actively recruiting members.

6. Alliance Headquarters: Visit the alliance headquarters of alliances in your kingdom. The alliance’s headquarters appear as an icon on the kingdom map. You can interact with their members, check out their power, and gauge their overall activity level. If the alliance seems like a good fit, try reaching out to one of their leaders or officers.

7. Referrals: Ask other players you trust or have made connections with to refer you to their alliance. Personal recommendations can be valuable because they come from players who have experience with the alliance and understand how it operates.

When seeking an alliance, keep in mind what kind of player you are, your goals, and your preferred playing style. It’s important to find a group that matches your interests and provides the support and guidance you need.

Remember, joining an alliance is not a permanent decision. If you find that an alliance isn’t the right fit, you can always leave and search for a new one. The key is to find an alliance that encourages growth, teamwork, and camaraderie – ultimately enhancing your Rise of Kingdoms experience.

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