How to get more honor points?

Answer: There are a number of ways to get honor points in Rise of Kingdoms, we have an article about it here in our guide:

Some extra relevant information:

When playing Rise of Kingdoms, honor points are vital for your progression and success in the game. They are necessary for unlocking various rewards and advancing through different stages. If you’re wondering how to get more honor points, here are some effective strategies:

1. Complete Daily Objectives: Every day, make it a habit to check and complete the daily objectives. These objectives often offer honor points as rewards, allowing you to accumulate them over time.

2. Participate in Events: Events are a great way to earn honor points. Keep an eye on the event calendar and take part in those that offer honor points as rewards. These events can range from gathering resources, battling barbarians, or participating in alliance activities.

3. Conquer Barbarian Forts: Barbarian forts are a good source of honor points and other valuable rewards. Rally your alliance members or go solo to attack and defeat these forts. The higher the level of the fort, the more honor points you can earn.

4. Join Alliance Activities: Participating in alliance activities such as Ark of Osiris, Lost Kingdom, or alliance wars can provide you with a considerable amount of honor points. Work together with your alliance members to achieve victory and reap the rewards.

5. Complete KvK Objectives: During the Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) event, there are various objectives to fulfill. Accomplishing these objectives will not only contribute to your alliance’s success but also earn you honor points.

6. Enhance and Upgrade Structures: As you strengthen your city, upgrade your buildings, research technologies, and train troops. These actions contribute to your overall power and grant you honor points.

7. Purchase Honor Points: If you’re looking for a quicker boost in honor points, you have the option to purchase them using in-game currency. Keep in mind that this is an optional method and should be used wisely.

Remember, earning honor points takes time and effort. It’s crucial to stay active in the game, participate in events, and collaborate with your alliance to maximize your honor point gains. By following these strategies and maintaining a consistent presence in Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll steadily accumulate honor points and progress in the game.

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