How to get flower petals?

Answer: To get flower petals to use in the Sunny Breeze event in Rise of Kingdoms. You can purchase them with 100 gems at the Tree of Fellowship. Alternatively, some of the tasks in the Afternoon Delight event will reward you with Flower Petals.

Some extra relevant information:

Flower petals are valuable resources in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. These petals are essential for various tasks, such as unlocking and upgrading commanders, exchanging for rewards in events, and participating in limited-time events. If you’re wondering how to obtain flower petals in Rise of Kingdoms, here are some effective methods:

1. Kingdom Buffs: Flower Season events often introduce kingdom-wide buffs that increase the drop rate of flower petals. These buffs can be activated by your kingdom’s leadership, so keep an eye out for announcements and contribute to the overall progress of the event to maximize their effects.

2. Daily Objectives: Check your Daily Objectives tab regularly for any tasks related to flower petal acquisition. Completing these objectives not only rewards you with flower petals but also helps you progress through other aspects of the game.

3. Alliance Gifts: Join an active alliance and contribute to alliance gifts. The more gems contributed, the higher the chances of receiving flower petals in return. Coordinate with your alliance members to ensure everyone benefits from the gift exchange.

4. Expedition Shop: Participate in the Expedition events and earn expedition points. These points can be used to purchase flower petals from the Expedition Shop. Prioritize getting flower petals when they are available in the shop, as the stock may vary with each event cycle.

5. Gem Store: Occasionally, flower petals are sold in limited quantities in the Gem Store. The availability may vary, so make sure to check the store regularly. Use your gems wisely to obtain flower petals when they become available.

6. Events and Special Offers: Keep an eye on the Events tab and announcements for special events that reward flower petals. These events may require specific actions or achievements, so plan accordingly and participate actively to earn them.

7. Opening Chests: While this method relies on luck, opening chests obtained from various activities like Barbarian hunting, resource gathering, or daily login rewards may occasionally yield flower petals. Though the drop rate may be low, it’s worth the try.

Remember, flower petals are a valuable resource, so use them wisely. Prioritize unlocking and upgrading commanders that align with your gameplay strategy. Don’t hesitate to participate in events and engage with your alliance members to maximize your flower petal collection.

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