How to get Arrow of Resistance?

Answer: Upgrade Watchtower

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, Arrow of Resistance is a powerful commander sculpture that players can obtain and use to enhance their commanders’ abilities. The sculpture is highly sought after because it provides a significant boost to a commander’s skills and attributes.

There are several ways to acquire the Arrow of Resistance sculpture. Here are a few methods you can try:

1. Events: Keep an eye on the game’s events as sometimes you can earn Arrow of Resistance sculptures as rewards. Participate actively in events and complete all the required tasks to maximize your chances of obtaining this valuable item.

2. VIP Shop: The VIP shop often offers Arrow of Resistance sculptures for sale. You can purchase them using VIP points, which can be obtained by purchasing in-game resources or through various activities. Check the VIP shop regularly to see if the sculpture is available.

3. Bundle Purchases: Occasionally, Arrow of Resistance sculptures may be included in limited-time bundle packages that can be purchased with real money. These bundles often provide you with additional resources and items alongside the sculpture. Evaluate the bundles carefully to determine if they are worth the investment.

4. Kingdom-wide Objectives: Some in-game events and activities require players to contribute to kingdom-wide objectives. By actively participating and meeting the set goals, you can earn rewards, including Arrow of Resistance sculptures.

5. Ark of Osiris League Shop: This is a more advanced method, accessible only to players who participate in the Ark of Osiris League. The League Shop offers various useful items, including Arrow of Resistance sculptures. Make sure to actively engage in the Ark of Osiris battles and accumulate enough League Coins to exchange for the sculpture.

6. Card King Event: Occasionally, the Card King event will feature the Arrow of Resistance sculpture as one of the rewards. This event requires players to spend Gems on card flips, earning points that can be used to claim rewards. Save up your Gems and participate in the event when it becomes available.

Remember, obtaining the Arrow of Resistance sculpture may require a combination of patience, strategic planning, and sometimes spending resources. Keep an eye on events and take advantage of in-game opportunities to maximize your chances of obtaining this powerful item. Good luck, and may your commanders rise to greatness!

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