How to farm sugar skulls in halloween event?

Answer: Sorry but the only way at the moment to get Sugar Skulls by either purchasing Halloween Bundles in the shop (with real money), or by spending gems during the spooky surprise event for a chance to get sugar skulls.

Some extra relevant information:

The Halloween event in Rise of Kingdoms brings along various exciting activities, one of which is farming sugar skulls. Sugar skulls are important resources that can be used to unlock exclusive rewards and special Halloween-themed commanders. To maximize your sugar skull farming, follow these essential tips:

1. Complete Halloween quests: Participating in the event quests is the most straightforward way to obtain sugar skulls. These quests are specifically designed for the Halloween event and offer generous rewards, including sugar skulls. Always prioritize completing these quests as they provide a steady source of sugar skulls.

2. Participate in Halloween events: Take full advantage of the various Halloween events available during the event period. These events often have specific tasks or challenges that, once completed, grant you sugar skulls as rewards. Examples of such events include Trick or Treat, Monster Hunts, and Pumpkin Harvest. Keep an eye on the event tab to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

3. Defeat Halloween bosses: During the Halloween event, special Halloween-themed bosses will appear on the world map. Rally your alliance members and work together to defeat these bosses. Each boss defeat awards sugar skulls to all participants based on their contribution. Coordinate with your alliance to maximize your rewards and defeat as many bosses as possible.

4. Hunt monsters on the map: Monster hunting is a common activity in Rise of Kingdoms, and during the Halloween event, hunting Halloween-themed monsters can also yield sugar skulls. By sending out your armies to defeat these monsters, you can obtain valuable goodies, including sugar skulls. Aim to constantly hunt monsters and clear Monster Lairs for a steady accumulation of sugar skulls.

5. Exchange event resources: Keep an eye on the event shop, as it often offers the option to exchange event-specific resources for sugar skulls. By using the event resources obtained during the Halloween event, you can trade them in for sugar skulls. This is a convenient option for players who may have excess event resources but still want to acquire more sugar skulls.

6. Utilize speed-ups and boosters: Use speed-ups and boosters wisely to optimize your sugar skull farming. By reducing the timers for various tasks or increasing their output, you can gather sugar skulls more efficiently. Use your speed-ups strategically, especially when participating in activities that offer sugar skulls as rewards, to save time and maximize your gains.

7. Join an active alliance: Being part of an active alliance is crucial during the Halloween event. Not only can you benefit from collective boss rallies, but alliance members can also share tips and information on sugar skull farming strategies. Coordinate with your alliance to plan and execute your farm effectively.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to successfully farming sugar skulls during the Halloween event in Rise of Kingdoms. Collect as many sugar skulls as possible to unlock valuable rewards and make the most of this festive occasion!

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