How to craft lifestock pen?

Answer: Use the material bench to craft the lifestock pen.

Some extra relevant information:

To craft a Livestock Pen in the game Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll need to follow a few steps. The Livestock Pen is a crucial building for producing food, as it allows you to raise and nurture various animals. Here’s a simple guide on how to craft this essential structure.

1. Unlock the Technology:
Before you can craft a Livestock Pen, you need to unlock the required technology. In the Academy, navigate to the Economy tab and select the Farming Technology tree. Look for the Animal Husbandry technology, which is near the bottom of the tree. Research and unlock this technology by spending the necessary resources and waiting for the research time to complete.

2. Gather the Resources:
To construct the Livestock Pen, you’ll need specific resources. Make sure you have enough of the following materials before proceeding:

– Wood: Gathered from logging camps or acquired through other means.
– Stone: Mined from stone deposits or earned through various activities.
– Food: Produced in the game through the farming system or acquired by gathering from resource nodes.

3. Locate an Empty Building Slot:
In your city, find an available building slot where you can construct the Livestock Pen. Tap on the empty space or a placeholder building to bring up the construction menu.

4. Craft the Livestock Pen:
Once you’ve selected the building slot, scroll through the available options in the construction menu and locate the Livestock Pen. If you have unlocked the required technology and have enough resources, the building should be highlighted and ready for construction. Tap on the Livestock Pen to begin the crafting process.

5. Wait for Construction to Complete:
After initiating construction, you’ll need to wait for a certain amount of time for the Livestock Pen to be built. The required construction time can vary based on factors such as your technology levels and any relevant bonuses. Keep an eye on the progress bar to monitor the completion status.

6. Upgrade and Customize:
Once the Livestock Pen is constructed, it’s time to upgrade and customize it. By investing resources, you can level up the building to increase its productivity and unlock additional features. Upgrade requirements will include resources such as wood, stone, food, as well as time.

7. Utilize the Livestock Pen:
After completing the construction and upgrades, you can start utilizing the Livestock Pen to generate food for your city. By selecting the building, you can assign and nurture different animals. Each animal type has its own specific food production rates, so it’s essential to strategize which animals to prioritize based on your current needs.

In conclusion, crafting a Livestock Pen in Rise of Kingdoms is a process that involves unlocking the necessary technology, gathering required resources, and then constructing the building in an available slot. Once built, the Livestock Pen can be upgraded and utilized to generate food for your city through the breeding and nurturing of various animals. Utilize this vital structure to bolster your food production and support the growth and development of your kingdom.

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