How much will an Enchanted Attack (Advanced ) item increase your attack?

Answer: An Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item will increase your attack by 20%.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, the Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item is a valuable asset that can significantly enhance your attack power. This item boosts your attack statistics by a certain percentage, providing a substantial advantage during battles and sieges.

The exact amount by which an Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item increases your attack will depend on several factors. Firstly, the level of the item itself plays a crucial role. Higher-level items generally offer greater attack bonuses compared to lower-level ones.

Additionally, the technology tree in the game also affects the overall attack increase. By researching specific attack-related technologies, you can further amplify the impact of the Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item. Advancing through the technology tree allows you to unlock powerful bonuses, resulting in a more significant boost to your attack statistics.

Moreover, it’s important to consider that the effectiveness of the Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item might vary based on the commander you pair it with. Different commanders possess unique skills and talents, some of which synergize better with attack-enhancing items. Choosing the right commander and utilizing their skills in conjunction with the item can optimize the increase in your attack power.

Ultimately, the exact numerical value of the attack increase provided by the Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item is difficult to specify without specific information on its level, technology advancements, and commander pairing. However, it’s important to remember that the Enchanted Attack (Advanced) item is designed to significantly boost your attack statistics, giving you a considerable advantage on the battlefield.

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