How much power does a sanctum and pass add to your alliance. Do they stack?

Answer: They don’t add power, but they do add buffs. And no, they don’t stack.

Some extra relevant information:

Sanctums and passes are important components in Rise of Kingdoms that can greatly enhance the power and capabilities of an alliance. To understand their impact, it’s essential to delve into each individually and explore whether they stack.

Sanctums play a vital role in alliance strategy and growth. These structures are powerful fortresses that can be built within your alliance territory. They act as a hub for multiple alliance activities, providing a range of benefits. Sanctums contribute a significant amount of power to your alliance, reflecting the investment made in constructing and upgrading them. Increasing the level of your Sanctum will boost your alliance’s overall power rating.

Sanctums also offer various buffs to alliance members. Once constructed, they provide research speed bonuses, resource production increases, and troop training boosts. As you upgrade Sanctums, these bonuses become more substantial, giving your alliance a competitive edge. However, it is important to note that the power gained from a Sanctum is primarily from the construction level and the associated buildings rather than the buffs themselves.

Passes, on the other hand, are essential chokepoints within the game map. They provide control over key strategic areas and help to secure valuable resources. When an alliance controls a pass, they gain additional power for their members. The power gained from holding a pass is influenced by two factors: pass level and the number of pass nodes that have been occupied.

A higher-level pass will provide a greater power boost to the controlling alliance compared to a lower-level pass. Additionally, for each pass node occupied within a pass, the alliance will receive an additional power bonus. These bonuses can stack, so the more pass nodes controlled, the greater the power advantage for the alliance.

In summary, both sanctums and passes contribute to an alliance’s power and capabilities. Sanctums primarily add power through their construction level and the associated buildings, while passes offer power boosts based on pass level and the number of occupied pass nodes. These effects do indeed stack, which means that the more advanced your sanctum and the more pass nodes your alliance controls, the greater your overall power will be.

Understanding the significance of sanctums and passes and maximizing their utilization can greatly benefit your alliance in Rise of Kingdoms. Effective control and management of these strategic assets can help you establish dominance on the battlefield and solidify your position within the game.

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