How many VIP points can you buy with 200 gems?

Answer: 200

Some extra relevant information:

Many gaming enthusiasts are eager to level up their gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms, a popular strategy game. One of the ways to enhance your gaming experience is by gaining VIP points, which offer various benefits and perks. If you’re wondering how many VIP points you can purchase with 200 gems, read on to find out.

In Rise of Kingdoms, VIP points are obtained through different means, such as completing daily tasks, events, or by purchasing them with in-game currency. However, it’s important to note that VIP points cannot be directly bought with gems. Instead, gems are used to purchase items or resources that can then be exchanged for VIP points.

With 200 gems, you can buy a variety of useful items in Rise of Kingdoms, such as speedups, resources, or treasure maps. These items can be obtained from in-game shops or during special events. By utilizing these items, you can acquire primary currency like gold or experience points, which can be further exchanged for VIP points.

To maximize the number of VIP points you can obtain with 200 gems, it’s advisable to participate in events that offer specific rewards or discounts on items. Additionally, joining an active alliance may grant you access to alliance shop items which can fetch you VIP points as well.

While purchasing VIP points directly with gems is not possible in Rise of Kingdoms, the game provides different avenues and strategies for players to earn VIP points and enhance their overall gaming experience. So, be resourceful, take advantage of in-game events and shops, and make the most out of your 200 gems to accumulate VIP points and unlock exciting benefits.

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