How many troops can governors send with a level 17 city hall or above?

Answer: Four

Some extra relevant information:

Governors who have a city hall level 17 or above in Rise of Kingdoms have the ability to dispatch a significant number of troops. With a higher level city hall, governors can send larger armies to battle, increasing their strategic capabilities and overall combat power.

The number of troops a governor can send with a level 17 city hall is quite substantial. At this level, governors can dispatch up to 5 armies simultaneously. Each army can consist of a maximum of 100,000 troops, allowing for a potentially massive force that can dominate the battlefield.

Moreover, the quality of troops that can be sent by a governor with a level 17 city hall is also impressive. With the ability to train and unlock advanced units, such as T4 troops, governors can assemble a formidable army capable of challenging even the strongest opponents.

It is important to note that while a level 17 city hall allows for impressive troop numbers and unit diversity, an advanced and well-rounded strategy is crucial to make the most of these forces. Proper troop composition, utilization of commanders’ skills, and tactical maneuvering are significant factors that contribute to victory on the battlefield.

As governors continue to upgrade their city hall beyond level 17, the number of troops they can send will gradually increase. The higher the city hall level, the greater the potential for assembling larger armies and conducting more successful military campaigns.

In conclusion, governors with a level 17 city hall or above in Rise of Kingdoms have the ability to send sizeable armies into battle. A level 17 city hall allows for the dispatch of up to 5 armies, with each army capable of containing a maximum of 100,000 troops. With advanced units and proper strategy, these forces can be a formidable presence on the battlefield, contributing to the governor’s overall success and dominance in Rise of Kingdoms.

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