How many scouts can the scout camp hold at once?

Answer: 3 scouts

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, scouting is an essential aspect of gathering vital information about enemy cities and resource tiles. Scouts play a crucial role in providing your alliance with reconnaissance and intelligence. However, it is essential to understand the limitations and capabilities of your Scout Camp.

The Scout Camp is a building in your city that allows you to train and house scouts. These scouts are then sent out to explore the world map and gather valuable information. The maximum number of scouts that the Scout Camp can hold at once depends on its level.

At level 1, the Scout Camp can hold a maximum of 1 scout. As you progressively upgrade the Scout Camp, its capacity to hold scouts increases. Here is a breakdown of the scout capacity at each level:

– Level 1: 1 scout
– Level 2: 2 scouts
– Level 3: 3 scouts
– Level 4: 4 scouts
– Level 5: 5 scouts
– Level 6: 6 scouts
– Level 7: 7 scouts
– Level 8: 8 scouts
– Level 9: 9 scouts
– Level 10: 10 scouts

To increase the capacity of your Scout Camp, you need to upgrade its level. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade various buildings in your city, including the Scout Camp. It is advisable to prioritize the upgrade of your Scout Camp to accommodate more scouts, allowing you to gather more information and stay ahead in the game.

With a higher scout capacity, you can gather intelligence on multiple targets simultaneously. This gives you a significant advantage in planning your attacks, defending against enemy raids, and securing valuable resources on the map.

In conclusion, the number of scouts a Scout Camp can hold at once depends on its level. Increasing the Scout Camp’s level will allow you to accommodate more scouts, enhancing your ability to gather valuable information in Rise of Kingdoms. Upgrade your Scout Camp to maximize your scouting potential and gain an edge over your opponents.

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