How many daily activity points do you need in Lucerne scrolls?

Answer: 10 daily activity points.

Some extra relevant information:

Lucerne Scrolls is an event in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms. It allows players to earn valuable rewards by completing various daily activities. One of the requirements to claim rewards in Lucerne Scrolls is accumulating a certain number of daily activity points.

To determine the exact number of daily activity points needed in Lucerne Scrolls, you will need to consider the specific requirements of the current event. The number of points can vary from one event to another, depending on the rewards and difficulty level set by the game developers.

Typically, Lucerne Scrolls events in Rise of Kingdoms require players to accumulate a range of daily activity points, often ranging from 1500 to 3000 points. These points can be earned by performing different in-game activities such as gathering resources, upgrading buildings, training troops, participating in battles, completing quests, and more.

It is important to note that the number of daily activity points required may increase as you progress through the event. This means that the earlier rewards may demand a lower number of points compared to the later ones. Therefore, it is advisable to be active and engage in various activities consistently to meet the required daily activity points and maximize your rewards.

Remember to check the event details within the game regularly to stay updated on the specific requirements and rewards offered in the Lucerne Scrolls event. By meeting the daily activity point milestones, you can claim valuable rewards that can significantly enhance your gaming experience in Rise of Kingdoms.

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