How long do I have to wait for a kingdom/server to be born?

Answer: Each day ….2 kingdom will show up

Some extra relevant information:

The wait time for a new kingdom or server to be born in Rise of Kingdoms can vary. Generally, a new server is created every few days or weeks, depending on the demand and the number of active players in the game.

However, the exact timing for the birth of a new kingdom may not be predictable as it is determined by the game developers. They analyze the player base and server population to determine when a new kingdom is needed.

When a new kingdom is about to be born, the game will usually provide a pre-registration period. During this period, players interested in joining the new kingdom can sign up and reserve their spots. Once the pre-registration period is over, the new kingdom is created and players can start from scratch in a fresh world.

Joining a new kingdom can be exciting and offers a fair playing field for all players, as everyone starts at the same level. It provides an opportunity to be a part of the early growth and development of a kingdom, compete for top rankings, and form alliances from the beginning.

If you are eagerly waiting for a new kingdom to be born, keep an eye on the official Rise of Kingdoms social media channels, official announcements, and in-game notifications. These sources will keep you informed about the upcoming kingdom births and allow you to pre-register when available.

In conclusion, the exact waiting time for a new kingdom/server to be born in Rise of Kingdoms can vary, but the game developers aim to create new kingdoms regularly to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting for players. Stay tuned to official channels for updates on new kingdom launches to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to start afresh in a vibrant new world.

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