How do you send one commander with only one troop?

Answer: Let’s say you are sending one tpye of troop there’s a the number telling you how much you are sending tap it

Some extra relevant information:

Sending one commander with only one troop in Rise of Kingdoms can be a strategic move in certain situations. While it may not seem like a significant force, it can be beneficial in specific scenarios. Here’s a guide on how to send one commander with only one troop effectively:

1. Select the commander: Choose a commander who excels in individual combat and has powerful skills. Some commanders, like Eulji Mundeok or Baibars, possess strong solo capabilities.

2. Train a single troop: Train a single unit of your choice, considering its strengths and weaknesses. Cavemen are a common choice due to their high speed and mobility.

3. Assign the commander: Pair your chosen commander with the trained single troop. This can be done by going to your city or the commander’s menu and selecting the “Assign” button. Choose the commander and troop combination from the available options.

4. Plan the objective: Determine the purpose of sending this small force. It could be scouting enemy territory, capturing resource points, gathering information, or assassinating enemy commanders.

5. Strategy and positioning: Analyze the situation and decide how to move your one commander and his single troop. Avoid large enemy forces and stay away from potential threats. Focus on striking weak points or exploiting vulnerabilities.

6. Use of commander skills: Utilize your commander’s skills carefully. Skills that enhance individual combat prowess, damage output, or maneuverability can be particularly useful when facing larger enemy groups.

7. Shielding and support: Keep in mind that sending a single commander with one troop can risk being attacked by stronger forces. If necessary, use a peace shield to protect your commander or seek assistance from alliance members.

8. Timing is key: Timing your actions is crucial. Look for moments when enemy forces are occupied with other battles or distractions. Capitalize on these windows of opportunity to accomplish your objectives.

9. Maintain visibility: Keep an eye on the map and gather information about enemy movements. Awareness of potential threats will help you avoid dangerous situations and make informed decisions.

10. Adapt and learn: Evaluate your experience after each mission and learn from it. Fine-tune your approach, adapt to different scenarios, and apply new strategies when needed.

Remember, sending one commander with only one troop can be a risky tactic, so exercise caution and ensure that the benefits outweigh the potential risks. With proper planning, strategic thinking, and a bit of luck, this maneuver can yield significant advantages in Rise of Kingdoms.

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