How do you get alliance technology credits?

Answer: By donating to alliance research technology

Some extra relevant information:

Alliance Technology Credits in Rise of Kingdoms play a vital role in advancing your alliance’s technological capabilities. These credits are crucial for research and development, enabling you to unlock various buffs and enhancements for your alliance members. Acquiring Alliance Technology Credits requires collective effort and participation from alliance members. Here are some ways to obtain these credits:

1. Donate to the Alliance: One of the primary methods to earn Alliance Technology Credits is by contributing resources to the alliance. By donating resources, such as food, wood, stone, and gold, you can accumulate credits. The quantity of credits obtained is directly proportional to the value of resources donated. Regularly contribute to your alliance’s projects and requests to maximize your earnings.

2. Participate in Alliance Events: Rise of Kingdoms features a range of alliance events that offer opportunities to collect technology credits. These events may include alliance quests, patrol battles, ark of Osiris, explore ruins, and more. Actively partake in these events, complete objectives, and receive rewards, including Alliance Technology Credits.

3. Alliance Shop: The Alliance Shop is another source of Alliance Technology Credits. By earning individual alliance credits through participation and contribution, you can spend them in the alliance shop. The shop offers various items and boosts, including Alliance Technology Credits. Exchange your earned credits for these rewards to further enhance your alliance’s technologies.

4. Kingdom Buffs: Sometimes, the kingdom you are in may activate buffs that grant additional Alliance Technology Credits. Ensure that you are aware of any such buff activations and take advantage of them to accumulate more credits. Coordinate with your alliance members and plan your activities accordingly during these periods to maximize your benefits.

5. Daily Objectives and Quests: Completing daily objectives and quests is an effective way to earn Alliance Technology Credits. These tasks are usually simple and can be completed within a short period. Check your objectives regularly, complete them diligently, and claim your rewards, which often include Alliance Technology Credits.

6. The Lost Kingdom: During The Lost Kingdom event, there are rewards available for capturing and holding structures, defeating barbarians, and participating in battles. These rewards often include Alliance Technology Credits. Active participation in The Lost Kingdom event can yield significant amounts of credits for your alliance.

Remember that earning Alliance Technology Credits is a collaborative effort. Encourage your alliance members to actively contribute, participate in events, and work together to achieve common goals. By pooling your resources and efforts, you can quickly accumulate credits and unlock advanced technologies that will greatly benefit your entire alliance in Rise of Kingdoms.

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