How do you get alliance technology credits?

Answer: By donating to the research technology alliance.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular game Rise of Kingdoms, alliance technology credits play a crucial role in advancing your alliance and unlocking powerful benefits. Alliance technology credits are earned collectively by alliance members and can be used to research various technologies that provide buffs and advantages for the entire alliance.

There are several ways to obtain alliance technology credits:

1. Alliance donations: Each alliance member can contribute resources, such as food, wood, stone, and gold to the alliance. These resources are then converted into alliance technology credits based on the amount and type donated. Encourage your alliance members to regularly donate resources to maximize the credit earnings.

2. Alliance helps: Whenever an alliance member requests help for their building or research projects, other members can provide assistance. Helping others not only earns individual rewards but also contributes alliance technology credits.

3. Events: Participating in alliance-specific events can yield substantial rewards, including alliance technology credits. Keep an eye out for events that offer credit rewards and actively participate to boost your alliance’s credit earnings.

4. Kill Barbarians and Guardians: Alliance members can join forces to defeat barbarians and guardians on the map. These battles can yield alliance technology credits as rewards, depending on the level and type of enemy defeated.

5. Alliance Gifts: Alliance leaders and officers can periodically send out alliance gifts to all members. These gifts can contain alliance technology credits, among other valuable items. Make sure to claim these gifts whenever they are available.

6. Kingdom Conquest: Engaging in kingdom conquest activities, such as capturing passes, forts, and holy sites, can reward your alliance with technology credits. Collaborate with your alliance members to strategize and participate in these conquests.

7. Trading Post: The Trading Post feature allows you to exchange resources for various items, including alliance technology credits. Keep an eye on the Trading Post for credit exchange opportunities and utilize excess resources to acquire more credits for your alliance.

It is essential to have an active and engaged alliance to maximize your credit earnings. Encourage communication, cooperation, and participation within your alliance to take full advantage of the opportunities to earn alliance technology credits. Invest these credits wisely in researching technologies that align with your alliance’s goals and playstyle to gain a competitive edge in Rise of Kingdoms.

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