How do I teleport past an occupied pass to get closer to my alliance?

Answer: Possibly you can’t. Maybe you can get round it be leaving the alliance or by using random teleports. Or by joining the alliance that occupies the pass and taking a few steps to get to your alliance.

Some extra relevant information:

Teleporting past an occupied pass can be a strategic move to get closer to your alliance in the Rise of Kingdoms game. This action requires some planning and coordination with your teammates. Here are the steps to successfully teleport past an occupied pass:

1. Scout the Target: Before attempting to teleport, gather as much information about the occupied pass and the enemy forces guarding it. This includes the number of troops, their strength, and the alliances involved. Assess the risk involved and make sure you have enough power to defend or make a successful escape if necessary.

2. Coordinate with Your Alliance: Inform your alliance members about your plan to teleport. Communication is crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page and can provide support if needed. Discuss potential backup plans in case the situation changes.

3. Build up Power: It is important to strengthen your city and army before attempting to teleport past an occupied pass. Upgrade your buildings, train troops, and research technologies to boost your power. This will increase your chances of successfully passing through and defending yourself if attacked.

4. Use Teleportation Items: In Rise of Kingdoms, there are various teleportation items available. Some teleport you to a random location, while others allow you to select your destination. Use these items strategically to get as close as possible to your alliance members. Coordinate with your alliance so that they can provide protection upon your arrival.

5. Time Your Teleportation: Plan your teleportation carefully to minimize the risk of getting caught off guard. Look for opportunities when the enemy forces are distracted or less active to maximize your chances of a successful teleport.

6. The Element of Surprise: To increase your chances of success, try to catch your enemies off guard. Teleport during off-peak hours or when they least expect it. This will minimize the likelihood of encountering strong resistance.

7. Have an Escape Plan: Always have an escape plan in case the teleportation doesn’t go as planned. Identify alternative routes or safe zones where you can quickly relocate if necessary.

Remember, teleporting past an occupied pass is a high-risk maneuver that requires careful planning, coordination, and assessment of the situation. Always prioritize your safety and consult with your alliance members for advice and support.

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