how do I solve the requirements of number 6. The number of resources you possess does not exceed the protection capacity of your storehouse.

Answer: For level 25 City Hall you maximum storage house is 2.5M. Those Resources Above your screen (upper right) should not exceed your storage house. If you have plenty of resources, i suggest either to upgrade on something or give it away to your alliance friends in order to fulfill #6. Hope this helps. – A T H 3 N A

Some extra relevant information:

When playing a game like Rise of Kingdoms, managing your resources effectively is crucial for progress and success. One key requirement to consider is ensuring that the number of resources you possess does not exceed the protection capacity of your storehouse. This helps in safeguarding your resources from potential attacks and losses. Here are a few steps to help you solve this requirement:

1. Upgrade Your Storehouse: The first step is to upgrade your storehouse. The higher the level of your storehouse, the greater the protection capacity it will have. By upgrading your storehouse, you can increase the amount of resources it can hold and protect. Focus on upgrading it whenever possible to ensure it can accommodate more resources.

2. Plan Resource Production: Plan your resource production effectively to avoid exceeding your storehouse’s capacity. Monitor your resource income, especially during peak production times. Build and upgrade resource producing buildings strategically to ensure a steady supply without overwhelming your storehouse’s capacity.

3. Prioritize Resource Usage: Prioritize resource usage based on your immediate needs. Focus on upgrading essential buildings, training troops, and conducting research. Avoid spending resources on non-essential items, such as unnecessary decorations or cosmetic upgrades that won’t contribute directly to your progress.

4. Distribute Excess Resources: If you find that your resources are approaching or exceeding your storehouse’s capacity, consider distributing the excess to your alliance members or using them immediately. Send resources as aid to your allies, trade them for items you need, or use them to train troops and strengthen your forces.

5. Use Resource Boosts Wisely: Utilize resource boosts wisely to optimize your resource management. Use them during times when you can gain the maximum benefits, such as during an event or when you have a construction queue lined up. This will help you make the most of your boosted resource production without overwhelming your storehouse.

6. Monitor Storehouse Capacity Regularly: Keep an eye on your storehouse capacity regularly. Check your inventory of resources and compare it to the protection capacity of your storehouse. This will help you take timely actions to avoid exceeding the limit and losing resources due to attacks or a full storehouse.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and solve the requirement of not exceeding the protection capacity of your storehouse. This will ensure that your hard-earned resources are safe and available for your future progress and development in the game.

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