How do I know what level I’m on?

Answer: If your wanting to know what level your on: 1) click on your City Hall 2) then below the name City Hall will show you what level you on. That is y our main level in all – to know what each item on your land, follow the same steps. TIP: Selecting any item (city hall, wall, hospital, archery, etc etc).. select the green arrow pointing up (this will open up a icon which will list some information, (very important) between the picture of the item and the information (next to capacity and power and level) its very small you will see a shadow circle with a !, click on it and another icon will open (here my friends will show you a list of all the levels, age, power and more), very helpful information to grow and how much power you will get for next level

Some extra relevant information:

If you are playing Rise of Kingdoms, keeping track of your level is essential to monitor your progress and stay motivated. Thankfully, determining your current level is quite simple and straightforward.

To determine your level in Rise of Kingdoms, follow these steps:

1. Open the game: Launch the Rise of Kingdoms app on your device.

2. Log in: Log in to your account using the registered credentials.

3. Locate your avatar: Once logged in, navigate to the game’s main screen. Look for your avatar or profile picture. It is usually located in the top left or right corner of the screen.

4. Tap on your avatar: Clicking on your avatar will open your profile settings and display your basic information.

5. Check your level: In your profile settings, you will see your name, kingdom, and your current level. Your level is typically represented by a number and displayed alongside a symbol or icon that signifies your rank.

Understanding your level is crucial as it determines your overall progress and access to various features within the game. As you level up, you unlock new buildings, technologies, troops, and abilities that enhance your gameplay experience.

Furthermore, reaching higher levels grants you rewards, titles, and prestige, and demonstrates your commitment and dedication to the game. Thus, tracking your level becomes essential in setting objectives and planning your future gameplay strategy.

In conclusion, finding your level in Rise of Kingdoms is as simple as opening the game, locating your avatar, and checking your profile settings. Once you know your level, you can use it as a benchmark to gauge your progress and make informed decisions about your gameplay progression. So, keep building, training, and strategizing to conquer new heights in Rise of Kingdoms!

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