How do I get troop return scrolls?

Answer: You will receive your dead troops return on the system mail.

Some extra relevant information:

Troop Return Scrolls are valuable items in the game Rise of Kingdoms that allow you to recall your troops instantly from gathering or marching. They are incredibly useful for saving time and reinforcing your city’s defenses when needed. If you’re wondering how to get these scrolls, here are a few methods:

1. Events: Keep an eye on the game’s events, as developers often reward players with Troop Return Scrolls as event prizes. Participate actively and complete event tasks to earn these scrolls.

2. Alliance Shop: Troop Return Scrolls can sometimes be found in the Alliance Shop. Make sure to check the shop regularly as it stocks various useful items that can be purchased using Alliance Credits. Coordinate with your alliance members to capture alliance resource points and earn the necessary credits.

3. VIP Level Rewards: Troop Return Scrolls can be obtained as rewards when you level up your VIP status. VIP points can be gained by purchasing in-game packages, completing quests, or participating in events.

4. Expeditions: Completing expeditions in the game’s campaign mode can grant you Troop Return Scrolls as rewards. Expeditions provide various resources and items as you progress through different stages, so don’t forget to claim your rewards.

5. League Shop: If you are a member of a strong alliance participating in the Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) event, you can earn League Coins. These coins can be used in the League Shop to purchase various items, including Troop Return Scrolls.

6. Tavern: Occasionally, you may come across Troop Return Scrolls as rewards in the Tavern’s quests. Make sure to complete all available quests every day to increase your chances of obtaining these scrolls.

Remember, Troop Return Scrolls are a valuable resource, so use them wisely and strategically. Be mindful of using them only when necessary, such as during emergencies or crucial battles. By utilizing these methods, you can increase your chances of obtaining Troop Return Scrolls and ensure your troops’ safety and efficient deployment in Rise of Kingdoms.

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