How do I get to send more than three commanders in campaign missions? It shows that I can send four commanders but it’s only unlocked three.

Answer: Hello, the reason you aren’t able to use 4 marches is because your city hall isn’t high enough level, at city hall 17 you can use 4 marches and at city hall 22 you can use 5. Hope this answered your question. 😃

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, sending multiple commanders in campaign missions can significantly increase your chances of success and expedite your progress. By default, your ability to send commanders is limited to three, but there is a way to unlock the fourth commander slot. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Upgrade your Commanders Hall: The Commander’s Hall is a building that allows you to increase the number of commanders you can send on campaign missions. To unlock the fourth commander slot, you need to upgrade this building. Once the upgrade is completed, you will be able to send up to four commanders on your campaign adventures.

2. Gather the required resources: Upgrading buildings in Rise of Kingdoms requires resources. Make sure you have enough resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold to complete the Commander’s Hall upgrade. If you are short on any of these resources, focus on gathering or producing them before starting the upgrade process.

3. Research technology: Some technologies in the Academy can also increase the number of commanders you can send on campaign missions. Make sure to allocate your research efforts towards unlocking these technologies. By doing so, you can further improve your chances in battles and make your campaigns more efficient.

4. Join an alliance: Being a part of an active alliance can provide various benefits, including alliance technologies that enhance your gameplay. Certain alliance technologies can also increase the number of commanders you can send on campaign missions. Collaborate with your alliance mates, donate resources, and participate in alliance events to unlock these technologies faster.

5. Progress through the game: As you progress through the game and increase your power, additional commander slots may become available. Keep unlocking new technologies, conquering barbarian forts, and completing quests to level up your account. As you reach higher levels, you may unlock more commander slots for your campaign missions.

Increasing the number of commanders you can send on campaign missions is crucial for maximizing your success in Rise of Kingdoms. By upgrading your Commander’s Hall, researching technologies, joining an alliance, and progressing through the game, you can unlock the fourth commander slot and strengthen your army’s performance in campaigns. Good luck!

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