How do I get more builders?

Answer: You need to get to VIP level 6 and get the second builder queue item. you can see if you have it by going to the Items link and selecting Others, it is a scroll with a red seal on it. Super useful to have!

Some extra relevant information:

If you’re playing Rise of Kingdoms or any similar strategy game, you’ll quickly realize that having more builders can significantly speed up your progress. Builders are essential for constructing and upgrading buildings, researching technologies, and training troops. Here are some tips to help you get more builders:

1. Upgrade your City Hall: Your City Hall determines the maximum number of builders you can have. Upgrade it as soon as possible to unlock additional builder slots. Keep in mind that each upgrade will cost resources and time, so plan accordingly.

2. Complete quests and achievements: Many games offer quests and achievements that reward players with extra builders. These tasks can range from upgrading specific buildings to reaching certain milestones in the game. Pay attention to these opportunities and complete them to earn more builders.

3. Use speed-up items: Some games provide speed-up items that can instantly complete construction or research tasks. These items are often obtained through in-game events, rewards, or purchased with real money. By using these speed-up items strategically, you can free up builders to work on other projects.

4. Join an alliance: Being part of an alliance can give you access to alliance-related buildings and technologies that provide additional builder slots. Additionally, alliances often have their own events and rewards that can grant you extra builders.

5. Invest in VIP status: In many games, becoming a VIP player grants various benefits, including additional builder slots. VIP status is usually achieved by purchasing in-game currency or through long-term gameplay. Consider whether investing in VIP status is worth it for you.

6. Prioritize tasks wisely: Managing your builders efficiently is crucial. Prioritize the most important tasks, such as upgrading resource-generating buildings, researching vital technologies, or training troops for upcoming battles. By focusing on essential projects, you’ll make the most of your limited number of builders.

Remember, acquiring more builders is a gradual process, and it requires patience and strategic thinking. With careful resource management and smart decision-making, you’ll gradually expand the number of builders at your disposal, which will boost your progress in the game.

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