How do I get Aethelfaed?

Answer: Complete expeditions. The more levels you complete and the more you three star the more coins you get. 1 Aethelfaed sculpture costs 1,500 coins.

Some extra relevant information:

Aethelfaed is a powerful commander in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms. She belongs to the British faction and is renowned for her versatility on the battlefield. If you are looking to obtain Aethelfaed and unlock her full potential, here are a few methods you can try:

1. Expedition Mode: Aethelfaed’s sculptures are available as rewards in the Expedition Mode. This game mode allows you to send your troops on various quests for valuable items, including commander sculptures. Keep participating in expeditions regularly, and you may eventually earn enough sculptures to unlock Aethelfaed.

2. VIP Shop: Another way to acquire Aethelfaed sculptures is through the VIP shop. By increasing your VIP level, you unlock access to exclusive items, including commander sculptures. Collect VIP points by purchasing in-game items or completing certain tasks, then exchange those points for Aethelfaed sculptures when they become available.

3. Card King Event: The Card King event is a recurring event in Rise of Kingdoms where you can spend Card Points to flip cards and receive various rewards, including commander sculptures. Aethelfaed sculptures are often featured in this event, providing an opportunity for you to obtain them. Save up your Card Points and participate actively when the event is live.

4. Wheel of Fortune: Aethelfaed sculptures can also be obtained from the Wheel of Fortune event. This event features a spinning wheel that offers various rewards, including commander sculptures. However, keep in mind that the chances of obtaining Aethelfaed sculptures from this event can be relatively low, so be prepared to spin multiple times to increase your odds.

5. The Mightiest Governor event: Occasionally, Aethelfaed sculptures may be available as rewards in The Mightiest Governor event. This event is a competition among players to earn points in different categories such as resource gathering, power increase, and defeating barbarians. By performing well in these areas, you can earn rewards, including commander sculptures.

Remember, acquiring Aethelfaed sculptures can require patience and persistence. Keep an eye out for events, participate actively, and make use of the various in-game features to increase your chances of unlocking and strengthening Aethelfaed in Rise of Kingdoms.

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