How do I beat Barbarians on the map?

Answer: You find barbarians on the map by tapping the magnifying glass on the bottom left of the screen. Then tap the barbarians icon and drag the search bar to the level you want to fight.

Some extra relevant information:

Beating barbarians on the map in Rise of Kingdoms is a crucial aspect of the game. Defeating them not only provides valuable resources but also helps in the development of your civilization. Here are some effective strategies to help you defeat barbarians and achieve victory:

1. Scout before attacking: Before engaging in battle, scout the barbarian camp to gather information about the enemy forces. This will help you determine the strength and level of the barbarians and better prepare for the battle.

2. Select the right commander: Choosing the right commander is essential for a successful barbarian hunt. Each commander has different skills that can be advantageous in battle. Consider using commanders with cavalry-related skills against cavalry barbarians or commanders with infantry-related skills against infantry barbarians. Utilize their strengths to your advantage.

3. Enhance your troops: Upgrade your troops and ensure they have the necessary equipment and skills to give you an edge in combat. Research technologies that improve the strength and abilities of your troops. It’s also important to train a diverse army with a mix of infantry, cavalry, and archers to counter different types of barbarians.

4. Team up with allies: Joining an alliance can provide tremendous support when battling barbarians. Coordinate with your alliance members to launch group attacks and share the rewards. The combined strength of multiple players can greatly increase your chances of victory.

5. Use appropriate troop formations: Experiment with different troop formations to find the one that works best for defeating barbarians. For example, the “Shield” formation is effective against infantry barbarians, while the “Sniper” formation is more suitable for taking down archer barbarians. Adapt your formations based on the type of barbarians you’re facing.

6. Make use of civilization buffs: Each civilization in Rise of Kingdoms offers unique buffs that can enhance your troops’ performance against barbarians. Choose a civilization that provides bonuses to combat or resource gathering to boost your chances of success.

7. Utilize the skill “Barbarian Hunting”: Assigning talent points to the “Barbarian Hunting” skill of your commanders can significantly increase your damage output against barbarians. Invest in this skill to ensure you can deal with the higher level barbarian camps as you progress.

8. Keep an eye on your resources: Defeating barbarians consumes energy and resources. Make sure you have enough resources to sustain your army and recover any losses after battles. It’s crucial to balance your resource expenditure with your resource production to maintain a steady supply.

By following these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to defeat barbarians on the map and reap the rewards. Good luck, and may your kingdom prosper!

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