How can I send out more commanders?

Answer: Increase your city hall level to unlock more commander slots.

Some extra relevant information:

If you’re looking to send out more commanders in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, there are a few strategies you can employ to maximize your command capacity and increase your overall power in the game.

1. Upgrade your City Hall: The command capacity in Rise of Kingdoms is directly tied to the level of your City Hall. By continuously upgrading your City Hall, you will be able to unlock more commander slots and send out additional armies. Focus on leveling up your City Hall as a priority to increase your commander capacity.

2. Research Commanders: Researching the right technologies in the Academy can also unlock more commander slots for you. Keep a keen eye on the Military Research tree, as it contains several technologies specifically aimed at improving your command capacity. Make sure to allocate enough resources and time into researching these technologies.

3. Train and Promote Commanders: By training and promoting your commanders, you can increase their individual power and their ability to lead troops. Higher-level commanders have larger troop capacity and can effectively lead more armies into battle. Focus on upgrading and promoting your favorite commanders to maximize your overall command capacity.

4. Obtain VIP Levels: Rise of Kingdoms offers a VIP system, where players can earn VIP points by purchasing in-game items or completing various tasks. Obtaining higher VIP levels provides bonuses, including increased command capacity. As you progress in the game, try to accumulate VIP points to gain access to higher levels and reap the benefits of increased commander slots.

5. Use Commander Sculptures: Commander Sculptures are items that can be obtained through various in-game activities such as events, rewards, or by opening chests. These Sculptures can be used to unlock or level up specific commanders. By focusing on obtaining and using Commander Sculptures, you can expand your roster of commanders and increase your overall command capacity.

6. Join an Alliance: Being a part of an active alliance can provide you with additional benefits and opportunities to send out more commanders. Many alliances offer alliance technologies, which can unlock bonuses such as extra command slots or increased capacity for all alliance members. Collaborating with your alliance members can greatly enhance your command capacity.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively increase your command capacity in Rise of Kingdoms. Remember to continually upgrade your City Hall, research the right technologies, train and promote commanders, obtain VIP levels, acquire Commander Sculptures, and actively participate in your alliance. With a higher command capacity, you’ll have more control over your armies and be better equipped to dominate the kingdoms!

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