How can I get food for my alliance if I don’t have Alliance Resource Deposits and no food spot in my Alliance territory?

Answer: Farm the food inside your alliamce territorial area

Some extra relevant information:

If you find yourself in a situation where your alliance doesn’t have Alliance Resource Deposits and lacks a food spot in your territory, there are still several ways you can acquire food resources to sustain your alliance members. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Trade with other alliances: Reach out to other alliances in your kingdom and negotiate food trades. Offer them resources that you have in abundance, such as wood or stone, in exchange for food. Building diplomatic relationships with other alliances can be beneficial in the long run.

2. Farm Barbarians and Neutral Units: Engage in combat with barbarians or neutral units on the map. By defeating them, you have a chance to receive resource chests that may contain food. Focus on dispatching higher-level barbarians as they offer better rewards.

3. Expeditions and Events: Participate actively in alliance expeditions and kingdom-wide events, such as Ark of Osiris or Lost Kingdom. These events often provide rewards, including food chests. By contributing to your alliance’s success, you can increase your chances of obtaining food as a reward.

4. Gather from Resource Nodes: While there may not be a dedicated food spot in your alliance’s territory, you can still send your troops to gather food from resource nodes available on the map. Scout the surrounding areas and look for high-level food nodes or clusters of lower-level nodes that can yield a decent amount of food.

5. Complete Daily Quests: Don’t overlook your daily quests, as they often give rewards, including food chests. Make sure you regularly complete these quests to accumulate resources over time.

6. Utilize Alliance Technologies: Work together with your alliance members to research alliance technologies related to resource production and gathering speed. By improving these technologies, you can increase the efficiency of gathering food and other resources.

7. Use Resource Items: Occasionally, you may obtain resource items or speed-ups that can instantly provide food. Keep an eye out for these items and use them strategically to supplement your alliance’s food storage.

While not having Alliance Resource Deposits or a food spot in your territory may pose a challenge, these strategies can help you acquire food resources for your alliance. Remember to communicate and coordinate with your alliance members to maximize efficiency and ensure everyone’s needs are met.

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