Hi. I’m trying to use my territorial teleport. It says I need passes.. How do I get them?

Answer: You may have to join the alliance that owns the pass to make the teleport that you want to do, after you have teleported to the new region, you should then rejoin your old alliance.

Some extra relevant information:

Territorial teleports are crucial in the Rise of Kingdoms game as they allow players to relocate their cities to other locations on the map. However, in order to use them, players need to acquire territorial teleport passes. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining these passes:

1. Events: Territorial teleport passes are often rewards in various in-game events. These events can range from alliance-based challenges to individual achievements. Be sure to participate actively and complete the specified tasks to earn these passes.

2. VIP Shop: Players who have reached a certain VIP level can purchase territorial teleport passes directly from the VIP shop. The number of passes you can buy will depend on your VIP level, so make sure to check the shop regularly to take advantage of this option.

3. Alliance Gifts: Joining a strong and active alliance can prove beneficial. Alliances can offer gifts to their members, which often include territorial teleport passes. By actively participating and contributing to the alliance’s growth, you may receive these passes as part of the rewards.

4. Gem Shop: Another option to acquire territorial teleport passes is through the Gem Shop. This shop allows players to spend gems – the game’s premium currency – to purchase various items and resources. Keep an eye on the Gem Shop as teleport passes may occasionally be available for purchase.

5. Mysterious Merchant: Occasionally, a mysterious merchant may visit your city. This merchant typically offers a variety of rare and valuable items, including territorial teleport passes. Keep an eye out for this merchant’s arrival and be prepared to spend resources to acquire the passes.

6. League Shop: In the League Shop, players can spend their individual contribution points to purchase different items. Depending on the stage of the Lost Kingdom, territorial teleport passes may be available for purchase in this shop. Make sure to accumulate enough contribution points to take advantage of this option.

Remember, acquiring territorial teleport passes requires patience and strategic planning. It’s important to prioritize your goals and usage of these passes to optimize your gameplay experience.

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