Hey! I’ve done KVK 1 and wanted to migrate to younger kd for kvk1 again is it possible? My power are still below 10m

Answer: No – migration does not open until after kvk1.

Some extra relevant information:

Can I Migrate to a Younger Kingdom for KVK 1 Again with Power Below 10M?

Yes, it is possible to migrate to a younger kingdom for KVK 1 again with a power below 10 million. In Rise of Kingdoms, the process of kingdom migration allows players to move from one kingdom to another, either older or younger, in search of new opportunities and challenges.

However, there are a few things to consider before migrating:

1. Kingdom Age: KVK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) events typically occur in older kingdoms, where players have had more time to grow and develop their civilizations. It is important to check the age of the target kingdom before considering migration.

2. Migration Rules: Different kingdoms may have different rules and restrictions regarding migration. Some kingdoms may limit the migration of players who have already participated in KVK, while others may have specific power requirements. Make sure to check the migration rules of the target kingdom before making any decisions.

3. Immigration Passport: To migrate to a younger kingdom, you will need to obtain an Immigration Passport. These passports are often available for purchase with gems, the in-game currency. Ensure that you have enough gems to acquire the required passports for migration.

4. Migration Window: Kingdoms typically have specific migration windows during which players can transfer to different kingdoms. These windows are usually open for a limited time and may have different durations depending on the kingdom. Be aware of the migration window of both your current kingdom and the target kingdom.

5. Rebuilding: Moving to a younger kingdom means starting from scratch. Keep in mind that you will have to rebuild your civilization, gather resources, and advance your technologies. Ensure that you are prepared to invest time and effort into rebuilding in the new kingdom.

In conclusion, if your power is below 10 million and you wish to participate in KVK 1 again in a younger kingdom, it is possible to migrate. However, it is important to consider factors such as kingdom age, migration rules, the availability of Immigration Passports, migration windows, and the dedication required for rebuilding in the new kingdom. Make sure to research and plan your migration carefully to maximize your chances of success.

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