Hello, although I killed a lot of barbarians my number of counted kills stays the same. It’s already three days the same number ! Can anyone tell me why ?

Answer: Kills only count against other players. There will be a separate total for barbarian kills on your profile.

Some extra relevant information:

Many players of the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms may encounter an issue where their counted kills of barbarians do not increase despite actively hunting them down. It can be frustrating to see the number of kills remain stagnant, especially when you are putting in effort to farm barbarians for rewards and achievements.

There are a few potential reasons why your counted kills might not be increasing:

1. Server Syncing: Sometimes, there can be delays in syncing your in-game progress with the game server. This can result in a delay in updating your kill count. In most cases, this issue resolves itself automatically after a short period of time. It’s advisable to wait for some time and check again later to see if the problem has been resolved.

2. Dead Barbarians: It is crucial to ensure that you are targeting and defeating the correct type of barbarians. Only kills on live barbarians will count towards your kill count. If you accidentally attack a barbarian that has already been defeated by another player or by the game’s AI, your kills may not be counted. Make sure to select barbarians that are still active on the game map.

3. Troop Type: Each barbarian has different levels of difficulty, and some may even require specific types of troops to be defeated. If you are not using the appropriate troop type for a particular barbarian, your kills may not be counted. Check the requirements and recommended troops for each barbarian level to maximize your chances of getting your kills recorded.

4. Report Bug: Like any game, Rise of Kingdoms may have occasional bugs or glitches that affect gameplay. It is possible that your issue is related to an underlying bug that needs to be addressed by the game’s developers. If the problem persists despite trying different approaches, it is recommended to contact the game’s support team and report the issue. They will be able to provide you with specific assistance and troubleshoot the problem further.

Remember, sometimes patience is key when dealing with technical issues in games. Give it some time, recheck your approach and troubleshooting, and reach out for support if needed. Happy hunting!

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