Does the game only allows 2 builders? If not, how can we acquire or add more?

Answer: You cannot add builder more than 2 in this game. Hopefully this will change in the future so we can have more than 2 builders and can upgrade anything faster

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players initially start with two builders to construct buildings and work on upgrades simultaneously. However, the game does offer ways to acquire additional builders, allowing players to expedite their progress and manage multiple construction projects at once.

To unlock extra builders, players can take advantage of events, special promotions, or purchase them using in-game currency. Here are a few methods to acquire additional builders in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Events: The game regularly hosts events that offer rewards, including extra builders. Participating and completing event objectives will grant players the opportunity to earn these valuable rewards.

2. Special Promotions: Occasionally, special promotions or limited-time offers may include extra builders as part of a bundle or package deal. Keep an eye on the in-game store for these opportunities.

3. In-Game Currency: Rise of Kingdoms has its own currency called gems. Players can use gems to purchase extra builders directly from the store. Gems can be obtained through gameplay, quests, achievements, or by spending real money.

4. Daily Objectives: Completing daily objectives and goals can provide players with rewards, including gems. Accumulating enough gems through these objectives can allow players to unlock additional builders.

It’s important to note that acquiring additional builders in Rise of Kingdoms may require some time and effort. Events and promotions may not always be available, and players may need to save up gems or be strategic in their spending choices. Prioritizing objectives and focusing on resource management can help players unlock and make the most of extra builders efficiently.

By acquiring more builders in Rise of Kingdoms, players can significantly expedite construction and upgrades, allowing them to grow their kingdom more quickly and efficiently.

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