Can I teleport my whole alliance to a new kingdom?

Answer: They would have to do it individually, there is no alliance passport that I know of. So everyone would have to go through their own migration process.

Some extra relevant information:

Teleporting your whole alliance to a new kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms is not possible. The game’s mechanics do not allow for mass teleportation of an entire alliance. However, individual players within the alliance can teleport to different kingdoms if certain conditions are met.

In the game, players can choose to teleport to a new kingdom using an item called “Beginner’s Teleport.” This item is typically given to newly created accounts and allows players to move to a different kingdom that is within 7 days of its creation. The intention behind this is to allow newer players to join kingdoms where there are more active players and alliances.

However, there are limitations to this teleportation feature. Once a player has reached a certain level or has been online for more than 7 days, they can no longer use the Beginner’s Teleport. This means that if your alliance members are experienced players or have been playing for more than a week, they will not be able to teleport together using this method.

If you and your alliance members are looking to move to a specific kingdom together, one option is to create new accounts simultaneously and use the Beginner’s Teleport item to join the desired kingdom. However, keep in mind that starting fresh means losing your progress and resources in your current kingdom.

Alternatively, you can consider migrating individually to a new kingdom that allows immigration. Some kingdoms have specific rules and requirements for migration, such as certain power or level restrictions. Be sure to check the migration rules of the target kingdom and plan accordingly. Migration can be a lengthy process and might require strategic timing to ensure you and your alliance members end up in the same kingdom.

In conclusion, while you cannot teleport your whole alliance to a new kingdom at once, individual players can teleport using the Beginner’s Teleport item or through migration if the target kingdom allows it. It is important to consider the limitations, rules, and potential loss of progress when making decisions about relocating your alliance in Rise of Kingdoms.

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