At what level Trading Post transport tax rate become 10%?

Answer: Level 24

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players engage in various activities to grow and expand their civilization. One crucial aspect is the Trading Post, which allows for the transportation of resources between different alliances.

As players progress through the game and level up their Trading Post, they unlock new features and benefits. One such benefit is the gradual reduction of the transport tax rate. The transport tax rate refers to the percentage of resources that are consumed as a tax during the transportation process.

At the earlier levels of the Trading Post, the tax rate can be quite substantial, making it less profitable to trade resources. However, as players invest in the development of their Trading Post and level it up, the tax rate gradually decreases, allowing for more efficient resource transportation.

To answer the specific question of when the transport tax rate becomes 10%, it occurs when the Trading Post reaches level 22. Prior to this level, the tax rate starts at 30% when the Trading Post is unlocked at level 1 and gradually decreases until it reaches 10% at level 22. This reduction in tax rate makes trading resources a more appealing and profitable endeavor for players.

Unlocking a lower transport tax rate is advantageous for players in several ways. It encourages more extensive resource trading, which can result in faster civilization growth. Additionally, it helps players save valuable resources that would have otherwise been consumed by high tax rates.

Therefore, players are incentivized to invest time and resources into leveling up their Trading Post to enjoy the benefits of reduced transport tax rates. The ability to efficiently transport resources can greatly contribute to the success and prosperity of a player’s civilization in Rise of Kingdoms.

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