Are the Shadow Legion troops considered “neutral units”

Answer: It’s hard to find information about this, but I do not believe they are considered as neutral units as they are composed of regular commanders.

Some extra relevant information:

The Shadow Legion troops in Rise of Kingdoms are not classified as “neutral units.” Instead, they are affiliated with the Shadow Legion, which is one of the powerful faction forces in the game. Unlike neutral units, which usually do not belong to any specific faction, the Shadow Legion troops are aligned with their own faction and have unique characteristics and abilities.

The Shadow Legion troops are known for their dark and mysterious nature. They possess formidable strength, making them formidable opponents on the battlefield. These troops can be obtained through various means, such as events, special campaigns, or exclusive chests.

It is important to note that while Shadow Legion troops are not considered neutral units, they can still be utilized in different ways within the game. Players can incorporate them into their armies to enhance their combat capabilities. Additionally, certain commanders or events may interact specifically with Shadow Legion troops, offering strategic advantages and bonuses.

In summary, the Shadow Legion troops are not neutral units in Rise of Kingdoms. They belong to the Shadow Legion faction and have distinct characteristics that set them apart from neutral units. Players can harness the power of these troops to strengthen their armies and gain an edge in battles.

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