Apart from “number of scouts” and “power” which of the following scout camp parameters can also upgraded?

Answer: Scout march speed and exploration range

Some extra relevant information:

In addition to the number of scouts and power, there are several other parameters that can be upgraded in the scout camp feature of Rise of Kingdoms. These parameters include the scouting speed, marching speed, and carrying capacity.

Scouting speed determines how quickly your scouts gather information about enemy cities, resource nodes, and other important locations on the map. By upgrading this parameter, you can reduce the time it takes for your scouts to complete their missions, allowing you to gather information more efficiently.

Marching speed is another important parameter that can be upgraded. It affects how quickly your troops move across the map, which is crucial for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Upgrading marching speed allows your armies to reach their destinations faster, enabling you to respond to threats or launch attacks more effectively.

Carrying capacity is the final parameter that can be improved in the scout camp. It determines how much resources your scouts can bring back from their missions. By upgrading the carrying capacity, you can increase the amount of resources you can gather through scouting, providing you with a valuable economic advantage.

To upgrade these parameters, you will need to use books of covenant, which can be obtained through various means in the game, such as events, achievements, and completing tasks. These books are used to research upgrades in the scout camp’s technology tree, allowing you to gradually improve the different parameters of your scouts.

In conclusion, besides the number of scouts and power, scouting speed, marching speed, and carrying capacity are additional scout camp parameters that can be upgraded in Rise of Kingdoms. By investing in these upgrades, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your scouting operations, giving you valuable information and advantages on the battlefield.

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