After the lost kingdom opens, what item do you have to spend to teleport to and from the lost kingdom in rise of kingdoms?

Answer: You need to spend a Passport Page item to teleport to and from the Lost Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players eagerly anticipate the opening of the Lost Kingdom. This realm beckons with new challenges and rewards, drawing players into exciting battles and alliances. However, before embarking on this adventure, it’s important to understand the key resource required to teleport to and from the Lost Kingdom.

To traverse this mysterious realm, players must obtain and spend a valuable item known as the “Lost Kingdom Passport.” This passport serves as the entry ticket to the Lost Kingdom and is essential for teleportation purposes. Without it, players are unable to travel to or from this special realm.

Acquiring Lost Kingdom Passports is not an ordinary process. These coveted items are typically obtained as rewards from special events, achievements, or through the game’s in-app purchases. As they contribute to the expansion of your kingdom’s influence, Lost Kingdom Passports are highly sought after and play a crucial role in a player’s strategy.

Once you possess a Lost Kingdom Passport, utilizing it for teleportation becomes relatively simple. To teleport from your home kingdom to the Lost Kingdom, access your world map and locate the Lost Kingdom on your screen. Clicking on the Lost Kingdom will activate the teleportation menu. From there, select the option to use your Lost Kingdom Passport, and voilĂ ! Your kingdom will be successfully transported into the Lost Kingdom.

Teleporting back to your home kingdom from the Lost Kingdom follows a similar process. Navigate to the world map within the Lost Kingdom and select your desired destination in your home kingdom, ensuring that you have another Lost Kingdom Passport available. By activating the teleportation menu and utilizing the passport, you will safely return your forces to your home territory.

It’s crucial to note that Lost Kingdom Passports are a valuable resource and should be used sparingly. Teleporting consumes one passport per use, necessitating strategic planning and management of this item. It is always wise to consider the location, objectives, and potential alliances before deciding to teleport to or from the Lost Kingdom.

In conclusion, the Lost Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms presents an exciting and challenging realm for players to explore. To access and traverse this realm, players must possess Lost Kingdom Passports, a valuable resource required for teleportation. Obtaining these passports through in-game events, achievements, or purchases unlocks the ability to enter and exit the Lost Kingdom, allowing players to embark on new adventures and shape their destiny in the vast world of Rise of Kingdoms.

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